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Art Slingers is a learning environment that will support young children’s Physical, Social, Cognitive and Emotional Development.  Through Art, children are exposed to Emotional development that can represent experiences that can’t be verbalized.  It aids children in both Gross and Fine motor skills, using their arms, hands and fingers which allow children to develop mentally and physically.  In addition, Art fosters intellectual development which stimulates both sides of the brain.  It increases the capacity of memory, attention and concentration.  It helps develop reading skills and introduces children to new vocabulary and concepts.  By counting pieces and learning positional words, they learn the basics of math.  When children experiment with materials and colors, they dabble in science.  We want children to become confident in themselves and their ideas to help them feel valued and raise their self-esteem.  And also give them the push to become future leaders.

We have created a program that focuses on one Famous Artist each month.  Over 12 months, they will have learned how these artists changed the world.  Think about this-how would it feel to not see your child in front of the TV or glued to an electronic device but instead wants to create a work of art.  Each month our Featured Artist will give us the insight to create masterpieces that they will remember for years.  Each month we will learn the entrepreneurial lessons these great artists gave in ways children can understand. We want to watch your children soar so our vision helps them strengthen their wings at age 2 and continue years after.

Also, It is well known that yoga promotes health and well being, but a great side benefit of regular yoga practice is it dramatically supports and broadens creative expression.

Yoga practice and the refining of the inner emotions, while bringing balance to the body, mind and soul, leads to a vivid vibrancy of artistic expression in a person. Certainly when you’re used to standing on your head, or twisting your body into interesting shapes, it has an effect on your brain and your sense of yourself.

You can reach us at: (813)546-9221 or Maria.artslingers@gmail.com

7016 Land O Lakes Blvd, Unit 102 Land O Lakes, FL 34638