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Creative People are not born for the most part.  They are made by experiences that ignite their minds.   Ideas are everywhere yet only a few are successful at executing them.

At Art Slingers, we want to give children and young adults the tools and experiences necessary to ignite the fire in their bellies to make their ideas a reality.  We do this by focusing on World Famous Artists and their positive contributions to society.  We want children and young adults to experience these artist’s works of art that have stood for centuries. Each Month we will create masterpieces that reflect the essence of the artist while allowing children use their own imagination on executing their design. We will also compare and contrast different artists so we can incorporate unique styles of multiple artists in one masterpiece. Art is magical and we want children to fall in love with creating something special all on their own!!

At a young age, children can begin to gain confidence when they are exposed to leadership lessons. So in our classes, we will learn about “Bending, Breaking, and Blending” with our projects that will in turn give children a foundation in becoming a leader!! Our children get plenty of schooling to learn and apply facts, ideas and theories.  However, how much do they learn about problem solving individually as well as through collaboration?  How much do they learn about leadership to potentially lead in their future?  How much do they learn about risk so they can lasso an idea and turn it into a product or service?